The law degrees are one of those subjects
The law degrees are one of those subjects

The law degrees are one of those subjects

It will serve you well for a lifetime!

Before moving ahead let us briefly talk about the background of the LLB Degree, the structure of the course, and the reasons for its popularity.

What is LLB is All About?

LLB stands for Bachelor’s of Law, (Law is the study of rules, regulations for the welfare of the citizen). It is a postgraduate degree course with a duration of 3-year mostly (duration may vary from country to country). The program targets various fields of law including, criminal law, labor law, legal writing, family law, contractual law, and many others. In order to apply for this degree course, students have to complete their graduation from any recognized university. The 3-year LLB degree is mandatory for those who want to practice law and also for the students who want to pursue LLM or Masters of Law programs. The course offers a broad understanding of constitutional law and its different sections to enable law aspirants in understanding the various case studies in the legal history of their respective countries.

LLB Degree Course Structure

The structure of course varies from country to country and  universities to universities. Each and every country has its own laws and legal laws. But the very common structure that the whole world and universities follow are

The LLB degree course consists of:

  • Criminal Laws
  • IPR (Intellectual Property Right)
  • Labour and Work Laws
  • Family Laws
  • The Law of Torts
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Constitutional Laws
  • Law of Evidence
  • Human Rights
  • International Laws
  • Trade Laws
  • Environmental Laws

6 Benefits of LLB Degree Course

LLB degree offers uncountable benefits and career opportunities in a democracy with a huge judicial system. The course has a number of niches and also allows students to go for higher studies like LLM (Master of LAW). Have a short look at the benefits of studying LLB degree brings to shine and it is still one of the most popular degree course among the students-